About Us

Our Buying Policy

It would be an understatement to say that we take wine tasting seriously at HarperWells. Almost every wine sold through HarperWells has been tasted by our team to ensure that it meets the standards demanded by our customers.

Every wine sold through HarperWells has been tasted in advance wherever possible. The only exceptions to this rule are the iconic wines of the world's greatest estates which are sold on pre-taste allocation only.  This is true of both wines we offer on-line as well as the wines we offer through our Norwich Wine Shop

We buy, wherever possible, direct from the domaines and estates we work with and never from the so-called grey market where condition cannot be guaranteed.  By purchasing our selection directly, or through the accredited UK agency we can ensure the provenance and overall condition of all wines that we offer.

If you are searching for a particular wine that is not currently listed by us you should not hesitate to contact us.  We will always attempt to source the wine for you or suggest possible alternatives.

Wines on our regular Broking List are sold on behalf of our clients.  In many instances we are fully aware of the history of the wines, including purchases source and storage conditions.  Where this is not possible we will inspect the wines ourselves and report on the condition by request.

If you have wine to sell please e-mail sip@harperwells.com or call our office on 01603 451098.