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Our Selling Policy

At HarperWells we operate an Every Day Fair Pricing policy – but what exactly does that mean?

Inside our Norwich Wine Shop
Inside our Norwich Wine Shop
Well, at its most basic, it means that at HarperWells we offer genuinely competitive prices across our range of products, to all of our customers, every day of the year – not just at sale times or on one or two promotional items. It means that we offer the same great prices to every customer – no haggling, no having to prove that you belong to an approved society in order to get a few percent off. We have one set of prices – our best prices –  for everyone. Every day.

Our standard policy for both online and our Norwich Wine Shop is

5% off 6 bottles (any mix)
10% off 12 bottles (any mix)
That does not mean that we don’t look out for special purchase opportunities with our suppliers that then lead to special offers - which we let our customers know about. But it does mean that any specials are on top of, not instead of, our day-in-day-out competitive pricing.

In practice, this means that we spend time every week looking at prices in the marketplace to ensure that we are offering good value. We don’t promise to be the very cheapest on every item – there will always be a few products out there being offered at silly money to attract your attention – but across the range and throughout the year we do guarantee that we will offer excellent value and great service.

Furthermore we back-up our great prices with first class service from a team that not only knows their products inside out but also knows the industry itself inside-out.  You get great prices, a guarantee of satisfaction plus a valuable one-to-one service if and when you want it.  A service that gets you access not only to great products but also to insider information and entry to some of the most exclusive vineyards in the world.
 And as well as this we are always honest with our prices.

Some things HarperWells WON’T do:
 •Sell grey imports at knock down prices, but with no provenance.
 •Advertise give-away prices on items we don’t actually stock.
 •Allow you to order one vintage and deliver another.
 •Use one or two eye catching offers to create the impression of low prices all round
 •Claim to be offering big price reductions against prices we never offered in the first place. We may tell you the SRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and compare it with our price in an honest and fair way though.
 •Label a product with its SRP and then offer you a great deal or on the spot discount if pressed. We will label every item with our genuine best price from the start.
Who needs the stress of haggling and wondering if you really did get a good price and superb service? At HarperWells that is one stress you can forget. The bottom line is that our prices are highly competitive and genuine. For everyone. Every day.

If you have any questions please contact us.