The Team

We've assembled a team of dedicated wine professionals to run HarperWells. Our small team is well qualified, enthusiastic and friendly with over half a century of combined experience. We estimate that we've visited upwards of 1000 vineyards between us. As for how many wines we may have tasted, well...we can only guess!

Company Founders Ed Wells & Dean Harper
Company Founders Ed Wells & Dean Harper
Our straight-forward philosophy is to offer authentic wines of quality, distinction and value, backed by the highest possible level of service.  All the wines we sell are made by real people in real places so it’s only natural that our team reflects this too.  We have no call-centres or automated responses (beyond the absolutely necessary).  We rely on real people to make us tick, a team with a genuine love of wine and a passion to express it.  We want to tell the story of our wines and make sure that the service we promise is the service we delivery.  We have high standards and know that our customers share these standards. 

When dealing with HarperWells you can feel sure that you’re talking with a team that speak your language and understand your requirements.

Dean Harper. Founder.