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Thirty one year old Axel Pauly is one of the young stars of German wine. He took over the Pauly estate from his father after doing vintages in California, New Zealand and other parts of Germany.

 From the quaffable dry ‘Tres Naris’ and pristine steely ‘Purist’, through to the traditional half-dry ‘Generations’ and classic ‘KABInett’, the Axel Pauly wines are stunning across the range. The great purity of the Pauly wines is enhanced by Axel’s approach in the winery. Wild yeasts are used until they begin to struggle towards the end of fermentation, at which point they would produce sulphides, which Axel wants to avoid. Therefore, he inoculates cultured yeasts at this stage to preserve the expression of the vineyard character.

Most of the seven hectare estate is situated in the heart of the Mosel Valley, in the village of Lieser, with the exception of a small parcel in neighbouring Bernkastel. The grey and blue slate soils of Lieser are cooler than the red slate in Bernkastel, which gives more minerally wines than its more famous neighbour. The Pauly vines cling to steeply sloping, vertigo-inducing vineyards, where Axel (who is fanatical about ripeness) uses crop thinning, leaf plucking and grape selection at harvest to ensure a ripeness of flavour in the grapes that he preserves through to the final wine.

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Axel Pauly