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A small number of established fine wines are extremely attractive to the world’s fine wine collectors.  HarperWells have access to many of these great wines.  Contact us to discuss how we can help with the Grand Cru Classe wines of Bordeaux as well as the greatest names of Burgundy, The Rhone, Tuscany and the New World hot spots.

The destiny for every cork...
The destiny for every cork...

Investing in wine is a popular ‘Alternative Investment’ for a growing number of UK citizens.  However it is a complex product in a complex market and reports of enormous returns in short periods of time are often greatly exaggerated.  However, vintages like 1982, 1990 and 2000 have rewarded the canny investor with great returns and vintages including 1995, 1996 and 2005 have grown impressively in value.  Most driven by a strong Far Eastern market. 

The past 10 years has seen some very strong returns on the best Fine Wines. In fact Fine wine was second only to oil as an investment in 2008 as the value of top Bordeaux increased by more than 90%. However, these figures are often used 'selectively' and only tell a part of the story.  Not all Bordeaux Grand Cru wines represent a sound investment and like all forms of investment, prices can both rise and fall.  Many false claims are made relating to the performance of wine and the various tax implications of buying and selling large quantities of wine.

Our team has extensive experience in the Fine Wine and Investment markets and is happy to offer reliable and trust-worthy advice. As a team we pride ourselves on offering simple to understand and honest advice in all aspects of wine buying - the fine wine markets are no exception.  We do not make false predictions (in fact we make very few predictions altogether) nor do we ever market wines we are unable to acquire.  Equally we suggest you seek advice from a variety of professional sources.

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