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One to One Service

Face to face, by telephone or by e-mail we’re never happier than when we’re working one-to-one with our customers.

Getting Down to Basics
Getting Down to Basics

In this age of economies of scale and faceless service providers our emphasis on one-to-one service might be considered quaint, old fashioned, even.  The trouble is, we’re convinced that great wine deserves great service.  Of course, we have a strong online presence that we’re well-known for and we’re delighted at how successful that is but don’t let that put you off getting in touch with us.  We have a whole array of special parcels of rare wines, large format bottles, limited releases and much more that never make it to the website, not to mention invite-only events and tastings. 

As our customers will testify to, the HarperWells team are unusually down-to-earth with enthusiasm for wine that doesn’t spill over into the obsessive.  We’re blessed to be working with such an extraordinary group of winemakers and their world-famous wines and we can’t help sharing that excitement.  

Please contact us with any questions. 01603 451098