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Wedding & Function Wines

Selecting great wines for your wedding or large event can and should be one of the simplest and most enjoyable parts of planning a big party.  Our team have helped select the perfect wines for 100's of weddings and many more major events.  

Wines being sampled at a HarperWells event
Wines being sampled at a HarperWells event
The team at HarperWells have helped plan wines for hundreds of weddings over the years, ensuring that the best possible wines have been selected to budget and that just the right amount of wine and champagne is on hand throughout the day.

We offer a comprehensive Wedding Wine Service which ensures that you can taste, in comfort, any wines you may wish to choose, agree a sale-or-return deal so that you can rest-assurred on quantity ordered.  We offer a hearty discount on larger orders and offer free delivery, glass-hire and even collection in many instances.

We have also helped select wine for many large functions, both where the wine is complimentary and where a profit is required.

Of course the venue you have chosen may suggest that you select wines from their wine list. But it is certainly worth asking if you can supply your own choice of wine instead. They may well request that you pay a ‘corkage fee’ in effect a tax for not selecting from their list.

In our experience if you/we can negotiate and agree a corkage fee below £10 you will have better wine by supplying your own and you will ultimately spend less money. But remember, it is best to agree this before you commit to the venue as your bargaining position is much stronger at this point.

Many people are unsure as to how many bottles will be required. Most typically events are over-catered for and examples of wedding parties running out of wine are mercifully few. If you would like an accurate assessment of how many bottles of wine and champagne you are likely to use as well as sale or return - please contact us.

Wine doesn’t just have to stop with the wedding breakfast and reception. Wine can also be the perfect gift for the wedding couple. Specially commissioned cases which contain bottles for up to 50 years of major anniversaries can be created for a truly unique gift. HarperWells could also arrange specially engraved bottles or magnums as gifts for the people who have helped make the big day run smoothly. The options are endless so please contact us.

Remember there is no obligation, our advice is free and if we feel that you would be best served purchasing your wines elsewhere we will certainly advise you accordingly. Email us or alternatively you can call us on 01603 451098.